Sibling bond is an immensely special relationship. The sibling relationship as any parent with two or more children will surely know is an extra ordinary intense one, play & fight , tease & mock each other with a complete lack of inhibition.

This beautiful sibling relationship is influenced by factors such as birth order, parental treatment & children’s unique personality. It is immensely interesting to observe that social sophistication in children as little as 15 months old , children as young as that watch intensely their mothers interaction with their older siblings. Therefore the greater the difference in the material affection & attention, the more hostility & conflict between the siblings.

This term sibling rivalry is competition between the offspring’s for love, affection & attention of one or both parents. At a tender age of 18 months or even younger siblings understand family rules & anticipate the response of adults. Sibling conflict can be constructive in fostering important relationships when children become older. The feeling of conciliation doesn’t come naturally to many children but with their parents help they learn this positive skills. The relationship between siblings teach children huge amount about sharing, cooperating , empathy & communication.

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